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Heavener, Oklahoma

City Info:


City of Heavener

103 East Ave B, Heavener, OK 74937


One of the most beautiful little meadows in all the vast Indian Territory was called Prairie of the Long Grass.

It had about it something that made a wandering man want to stop. Stay a while. Maybe forever. It spilled from the bent point of Poteau Mountain like seed from a broken sack, carpeting the valley with green in summer, brown in winter. Where Nature has poured out every kind of loveliness with inexhaustible profusion. The meadows tempt the traveler almost irresistibly to linger, or even take up his abode in them.

Thus it has been forever: The hills, valleys, springs and prairies scattered like thrown gemstones across the Southeastern corner of Oklahoma have tugged at the souls of wandering men. And a village some have said was named for Heaven sits at the middle of it. City of Heavener, LeFlore County, Oklahoma. Prairie of the Long Grass. A place to make the heart hurt. It draws and holds a certain kind of person as magnet draws steel.


We extend a hearty welcome to all visitors!

Spend a day enjoying the famous Heavener Runestone State Park, with panoramic views. Visit the 1939 WPA Public Library, Heavener Museum, Railroad Caboose and live Deer pens.

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